Lexis and Westlaw Trainings for Graduates

You made it. You are finished with Law School. Now what? Well, of course, there is the bar exam.

But, you may be interviewing or working before that. You will still need access to those trusty databases you have grown accustomed to. Your employer, should you have one, might offer access. But, worry not, you have options. Check out this handy guide to summer and post-graduation access to Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.

There are also some great training opportunities coming up. See below.


Contact Librarian Brian Huffman for registration details.

Lexis Training poster


Westlaw Prepare to Practice Workshop flyer
Westlaw Prepare For Your Career Workshop flyer

Lexis in the Library

Our Lexis Account Representative is on campus this week (Nov. 4-8). Below are topics Zoe Caldwell will be covering. Be sure to attend. No RSVP necessary. These meetings can help with your LF class!

  • Tues. 11/5 at 11:45am “Closed Memo Tips” for 1Ls in CR3
  • Wed. 11/6 at 11:15am, 11:30am, 11:45am, 12:45pm “Closed Memo Tips” for 1Ls in the Library
  • Wed. 11/6 at 12:00pm “Lexis Research Certification” for 2/3Ls in the Library

Office hours in the Library this week:

  • Tues. 12-2pm
  • Wed. 11-2pm
  • Thurs. 8-10am