Police Violence Research Guide

By Dan Blackaby, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian

One of the clichés of parenting is having “the talk” with your kids. When I was growing up, that referred to the “birds and the bees,”, and all that entailed. For African-American and other minority families in the US, that “talk” now too often refers to how their children are to act when interacting with police. This talk is necessary because the idea of being pulled over for “driving while black” is a daily reality. Too often, these incidents result in violence.

In order to know what’s occurring in the world, we need evidence. Evidence is information. To that end, this guide (https://law-hawaii.libguides.com/PoliceViolence) is an ongoing project designed to highlight and increase access to resources surrounding police-involved violence. New links and documents will be added as they become available.  It is impossible to cover every aspect of this problem in one guide. This is a beginning, and one I hope is useful.

Researching Your SYS Topic

Spend a quick hour with Prof. Lenz over some food and refreshments and get started researching your SYS paper.  There are so many databases out there that you need to know about.  The RSVP information and the event poster is below.  

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