Open Library (

by Roberta Woods, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian.

Another little-known web resource by the Internet Archive ( is Open Library. Open Library gives you access to many books that are both copyright protected and those in the public domain. It’s free to join and it lets you check out books that may not otherwise be available to you online because of copyright restrictions. Explore the many features of this online free library. Highlights of a few of the features are presented below.

Books without copyright restrictions have a blue Read button next to the title, as shown below. Here, one record is freely available to read online or even download. The second item on this list shows a book that is in the public domain but has not yet been digitized.

Sample of book entry with bibliographic fields and a blue button labeled Read

Up to 10 books still in copyright protection can be borrowed for a two-week period.

Sample of book entries with image of books, title, author and blue button labeled Borrow

Should you want a book that is currently checked out, you can be added to the Waitlist.

Sample of book selection with orange button labeled Join Waitlist

You can also create a reading list that is private or public. Public reading lists have been curated by individuals to bring your awareness of titles to the forefront.

Sample of text associated with creating a List and any possible lists already set up

It keeps a list of books you’ve borrowed. It checks them back in when time runs out or you return the book.

Sample of panel with books checked out: displays title, expiration date and loan actions

Today is Read an e-Book Day

September 18, 2017 is Read an e-book Day. Do you know the library has three e-book collections at your fingertips? They are:

Lexis Digital Library

The library has over 800 volumes on Lexis Digital Library. The collection includes study aids, treatises, and books for 1Ls and about the general practice of law.

Ebook Central (ProQuest)

ProQuest Ebook Central Subjects

Ebook Central has 5071 e-books on law presently.

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

EBSCOhost has 422 law-related e-books. These e-books may be read online or downloaded for later reading.

Feature I Like Best: Notations/Highlighting

Many e-book platforms allow you to notate on them. This is great as a study aid. Feel free to add your own notes, with the knowledge that they will be there the next time you review the material. You can even highlight in most e-book readers. Only EBSCOhost e-books do not allow this feature natively, but you can download the resource to your Google drive and mark it up then.

What I am Currently Reading

I am reading Nordic Nights (book 3 of the Alix Thorssen Mysteries) by Lise McClendon. I enjoy mysteries and find Kindle an easy way to read them on my iPhone or Kindle reader.

Incidentally, there is no standard proper nomenclature for e-book (aka Ebook or eBook). The British prefer ebook, where the rest of the world uses e-book.