Third Thursday Talks: The U.S. Congressional Serial Set, Congressional Documents 1817-Present

Joining us for our first “Third Thursday Talks” is Andrea Sevetson, a ProQuest Congressional trainer, who also edited the book, The Serial Set, Its Make-up and Content (2013). In it, she states, “The Serial Set is probably the most important series of publications on all aspects of American life from 1789-Present.” You might me wondering, “What is this publication and why haven’t I heard of it before now?”

Reports of special investigations and research authorized by the president are included in the Set as well as congressional reports and documents, and Senate Treaty Documents.

U.S. interest in Hawaii or the Sandwich Islands began in the first part of the nineteenth century. In 1807, Congress created the Survey of the Coast, the first U.S. scientific agency to complete a survey of the coasts of the United States. In 1946, after a disastrous tsunami struck Hilo, Hawaii, the agency instituted the west coast tsunami information warning system.

The number of publications in the Serial Set 1817-2010:

  • 275,000 House and Senate Reports
  • 100,000 House and Senate Documents
  • 700 Hearings 300 Journals (Both House and Senate)
  • 300 Court of Claims Reports

Also, the Serial Set has its own numbering scheme, which is one reason it seems difficult to use. To demystify the Serial Set and launch your next research project, come to the Law Library Lobby for its “Third Thursday Talks” on Thursday, November 16th at Noon in the Law Library Lobby.

This is a “Lunch & Learn Research” session, thus, lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP to by Monday, November 13.

This session is ideal for students contemplating SYS, Law Thesis, Native Hawaiian Law Certificate, and Environmental Law Certificate.