Aloha and Welcome to the New School Year!

image of books in a box

Looking for that special book that will help with your research project, second year seminar paper, or Moot Court? Just let us know and we will do our best to order the title for you! Feel free to use our order form on the Law School Library’s web page or you can contact our Technical Services/Acquisitions Librarian, Catherine Bye, directly at When requesting a title please be as accurate as possible with the title.

Your New Book Hook-Up!

By Keala Richard, Acquisitions Support Specialist

Did you know that students have the power to influence and access the library’s new book purchasing? Yes! We can get you the freshly-printed titles that you need for your SYS papers, exam cramming, and even casual academic reading. Don’t let the faculty have all the fun. Check out a few of the ways we get you the books your brilliant legal minds crave!

New Book Section

When you come into the library, you’re tired, you’re focused, you need a nap and you’re on a MISH. You probably walk by it every visit. Yet right next to the stairs, to the left of CJ’s corner, is the New Book bookcase. When we receive and catalog new shipments of books, the most interesting titles are hand-picked by the library director, librarian faculty, and I (your humble acquisitions assistant). We then flag the books for special shelving on the new bookcase, where they’re easily accessible for your browsing pleasure. Have a peek the next time you’re just using us for our awesome bean bag chairs.

New Book List

Let’s be honest. You probably prefer to shop online anyway. If you’re not interested in checking out the brick and mortar book shelf, we still have you covered. Just like our catalog is basically the Amazon of library books, you can browse the new book list on our website instead. Every month, our director pulls the list of all new titles added to the collection, and publishes it to keep you updated. She even sends out an email to the entire law school that links to the list. We promise it doesn’t belong in your spam folder.

New Book Request

Don’t see anything you like? Know of a title we don’t? Holla at your girl. The library website has a suggestion form, and it does more than tell us what food you want for pro se café. Use the form or email us at, to give us as much information as you can. If possible, it helps to include the title, author, publisher, year, and ISBN. Think source citation, but Bluebook not required. We’ll use this information to hunt down the droid, I mean BOOK, you’re looking for.

New Book Routing

This email business works both ways. Like faculty members can have a book immediately routed to their office before it hits the shelf, you too can feast your eyes and mind on a new book before anyone else. Usually we will notify the person who suggested a new acquisition automatically by email, that way you get first dibs. But if you happen to see something you like on the website, catalog, or shelf, let us (me) know at We will send you an email when we have it pulled and reserved just for you. You’re welcome.

All jokes aside, here at the library our main purpose is to help you be as comfortable and successful as possible. We are constantly looking for better ways to be of service to the law school in general, and you in particular. We hope you take advantage of all the new titles we add for you daily, and that you in turn help us keep our collection fresh and relevant to your studies. Happy reading everybody!