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Lexis and Westlaw Trainings for Graduates

You made it. You are finished with Law School. Now what? Well, of course, there is the bar exam. But, you may be interviewing or working before that. You will still need access to those trusty databases you have grown accustomed to. Your employer, should you have one, might offer access. But, worry not, you […]

Legal Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Keiko Okuhara, Bibliographic Services/Systems Librarian. This UCLA website ( (Archived site)) provides links to primary sources and high-quality summaries to legal responses to the coronavirus pandemic issued by all levels of governmental units, federal, state, and local. Various legal guidance are updated daily, and some states have laws predating the epidemic but that have […]

A Red Letter Day

By Storm Stoker, Technical Services Support Specialist Do you have a special day, week, or month you want recognized every year? Maybe you want April 30th to be National Coffee Day.  Many nonprofits seek a declaration of a national day, week, or month to bring awareness to their cause and raise money.  For example, in […]

Why Good Friday is a Legal Holiday in Hawaiʻi

By Roberta F. Woods, J.D., M.L.I.Sc. In Hawaiʻi, official holidays are enumerated in the Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes Section 8-1. Because of Hawaiʻi’s history as a Constitutional Monarchy, residents of Hawaiʻi get three additional holidays than many other states, but they also get Good Friday off. The official holidays are: The first day in January, New […]