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CourtListener: Free Legal Research

CourtListener is an open source aggregator of court opinions. It is a subproject of the Free Law Project. From their site: “We collect legal opinions from court websites and from data donations, and are aiming to have the best, most complete data on the open Web within the next couple years. We are slowly expanding […]

United States v. Virginia Case Summary

The following case brief was prepared by Brandon Singleton for this blog in anticipation of Justice Ginsburg’s visit in February.  United States v. Virginia was a seminal case about gender-based classifications at Virginia Military Institute.  Writing for the majority, Justice Ginsburg used the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to cause the institution to […]

Freedom of Information Acts: A double-edged sword in a time of emotional and political unrest

In the legal academy, a petition was circulated among law professors last month that opposed the appointment of Jeff Sessions nomination to be our next attorney general.  There were nearly 1500 signatures.  The petition and its signatories are found here: This month, a reporter working for a conservative political publication relied on the Open […]

Mindfulness Practice Resumes in Spring 2017

Mindfulness practice (aka meditation) has many benefits. I attended a conference presentation last summer focused on being present and learning what other law schools and lawyers were doing to promote mindfulness into their academics and private practice. The presentation had a useful handout giving simple beginner’s advice, list of resources, and bios on the speakers. Below are […]