Computers, Printing & Copying

Internet Use Policy


Public Access

The Library has two public access computers with an attached printer.

You may reserve a computer for 30 minute sessions.  You may not sign up for successive 30 minute session if others are waiting for a computer station.  These computers may be used for research purposes only.  Patrons may access personal email accounts in connection with their research while at the Library.  These terminals provide access to the Library catalog, various legal and general databases, and the Internet.  These computers do not have any word processing capabilities or audio capabilities.  Patrons may bring flash drives to copy files on public computers.

Recreational use of the Library’s public Internet workstations is prohibited.  Persons using public Internet workstations solely for recreational purposes may be asked to leave the premises.  Please view the Internet Use Policy section below.

Student Access

Students can use any of the workstations throughout the Law Library to access their email, library resources and the Internet for educational purposes.  Students are required to adhere to the Internet Use Policy outlined below.


Public printing costs 10 cents per page. See circulation desk for assistance with printing from the public computers. The Library does not have a change machine and cannot make change. If you plan on using the printer, come with an appropriate amount of change.

Law students are given $100/year or roughly 1000 pages of free printing.  To add funds, go to the Law IT office at the Law Library, Room 117, or email or call 956-4727. Cash in $5 increments is accepted. The IT Office does not make change or give refunds.

Read more about our public and law student printing policies here.


The Law Library does not have a photocopy machine available for public use.  A scanner is available to the public to make digitized copies of material that can be emailed or saved to a USB drive.  The Law Library does not supply USB drives.  Please bring one with you if you plan to make copies from our scanner.  A Law Library employee can show you how to scan your documents, but we do not provide scanning services.  If you are disabled and cannot manage a scanner by yourself, please be sure to bring someone with you who can assist you.

Users copying or downloading materials are responsible for complying with applicable intellectual property law, including U.S. Copyright Law.

Internet Use Policy

The Internet provides access to a wide variety of educational, recreational, research and reference resources, many of which are not available in print. The Library does not monitor or control the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the content of the Internet. As an academic law library, access to the Internet is provided to facilitate legal research projects only.

The Internet may contain controversial or offensive material. We do not restrict access or protect persons from information found individually offensive, except as provided by law. Most of the materials on the Internet are protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. However, displaying offensive images or language, or viewing or disseminating R and X rated images may constitute a form of harassment. Library patrons use the Internet at their own discretion and are expected to abide by federal, state and other laws. University of Hawaiʻi guidelines are found at, and

Reference Policy for Web

Please review our Reference Service Policy.

Social Media Policy

The Law Library has a social media policy that applies to all library social media sources (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc).