The US Constitution Annotated

We the People logoBy Roberta Woods, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian.

Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute released an enhanced digital version of the “Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation,” often known more simply as the “Constitution Annotated” or “CONAN.”

Regularly prepared and updated by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, the “Constitution Annotated” provides Congress and the public with analysis of thousands of Supreme Court cases interpreting the Constitution.

The contribution made by the Legal Information Institute – after a group of Cornell Computing and Information Science students developed software to convert the PDF into usable data – is to present this unwieldy 2,882-page document in a reader-friendly format that is clearly navigable.

Importantly, LII has interwoven the document with its many web pages for Supreme Court cases.

Introducing LexBlog, a Legal News Network

What does a trial lawyer of 16 years have to do with legal blogs? Well, if he’s Kevin O’Keefe, plenty! Kevin started LexBlog, a resource that has over 19,000 bloggers within its network, including over half of the nearly 1,000 blogs from the United States’ top 200 law firms.

It’s a direct source of news created by lawyers for lawyers. The team of LexBlog includes Bob Ambrogi, a name well known in the legal tech field.

The format allows the reader to choose his or her own channels of presently 36 topics. Maybe you are interested in environmental law and technology, or bankruptcy and access to justice. Customize and personalize your experience. You can even choose which contributors you want to read from.

You can search the blogs to discover what’s new. A search on “Hawaii” brought up some interesting headlines:

This is another great source when looking for recent analysis and topics in the legal field. A possible treasure trove for researching your SYS paper. For more information read a recent post from Dewey B Strategic.