Summer Reading/Viewing Suggestions

Layout of June display case with Clue board and game characters

Summer is here! It’s a good time to find a book or a movie/series or two to get into and let time slip away.

I needed some ideas and inspiration. I am a fan of board games. There is a fun game from my childhood I used as inspiration for this blog post: Clue. This game was even made into a campy movie.

Here are the suggestions offered by the murderous members of the Clue game.

Additional Suggestions:



Critical Race Theory Exhibit at the UH Law Library

image of library displayCheck out our exhibit on Critical Race Theory (CRT) at the law library.

What is CRT?

How does it manifest in our society?

How do we combat it?


Our exhibit provides some tips and resources on how to understand and address institutionalized racism.  

Share your thoughts and observations about how race is an ingrained part of institutions, communities & policies. Additionally, let us know how race has affected your life.  

Leave a comment below.