What is Worse: A Pandemic or Studying For the Hawaii Bar Exam?

Or, perhaps the answer is studying for the Hawaii bar exam during a pandemic.

We know it is hard and we have been trying to improve your study space options for weeks.  And now we have.

We will have a restricted opening for recent alumni who are studying for their license exam. It runs from July 6th to September 10, 2020.  The Law Library will be open via key card access only starting at 9 am.  All students must leave the building by 6 pm at which time key card access will be turned off until 9 am the next morning.  Reservations for a seat are required and are accepted up to 48 hours in advance.

Some of the key responsibilities and restrictions include:

  • You can use only the seat that you reserved for the day.  There are 81 seats available and you may select whichever seat you prefer.  You may enter and leave the Law Library repeatedly during the day and return to use your reserved seat.  However, do not leave personal items behind if you leave the Law Library building.
  • Please wipe down your workstation with sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave your seat.  Dispose of your used wipe outside.
  • You must wear a cloth face mask at all time while in the Law Library building, except that you may remove your mask once you are sitting at your assigned seat.  If you leave your seat for any reason, put your mask on again.
  • If you are not feeling well or show signs of illness, you cannot enter or stay in the Law Library building.
  • Physical distancing is mandatory.  If you feel that you must converse or gather with others, leave the building.
  • Unidirectional signage is posted throughout the building.  Please adhere to the signage.
  • Printer stations are available, but you must sanitize keyboards before and after use.  Follow the posted instructions at the printer stations.
  • Study rooms are unavailable.
  • There is no eating or drinking allowed in the Law Library.  Please take hydration and nourishment breaks outside.

For more information about the Pandemic Bar Study program, and to reserve a seat, please visit: https://law-hawaii.libcal.com.

Good luck with your studies.  Stay safe, be strong.

With great respect, The Law Library Staff and Faculty

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  1. To all those still preparing for the bar exam in the middle of the pandemic: stay the course! It feels impossible, but it can be done. You made it through law school and you can make through this too. You got this!

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