LexisNexis Digital Library Has a New Look

Lexis Digital Library will have a new look and feel, with unlimited user access to most titles. Most titles will no longer require checkout, including all Lexis publishing hornbooks and the Understanding and Question & Answers series.

image of Lexis screen shot showing book images

You don’t need to do anything to enjoy this new platform. If have the “classic” version bookmarked it will be available through the end of this academic year. When accessing Lexis Digital Library, you will be prompted to choose the “classic” or new portal.

New features of the interface include:

  • Personalized home pages that include recently read titles, tags, and notes
  • An improved reading experience — faster accessibility plus additional fonts and reading modes
  • Enhanced note-taking and highlighting capabilities
  • Enhanced table of contents for easier navigation

To assist you with the transition, Lexis has provided training guides and how-to videos.

If you want to experience enhanced offline reading you can download the Lexis Digital Libraries app available through Google Play or Apple App Store. For those users downloading the app, our unique access code is richardsonhi.

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  1. Great continued development of this digital library! While there’s something to be said about the vintage feel of a physical book, the work done on media libraries such as this is essential in the digital age. Easy notetaking is a highlight, especially as more students take advantage of resources like this.

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