Legal Podcasts to Stay Awake To

By Cat Pérez, Acquisitions Support Specialist.

Looking to keep up with the latest legal news but feel the need to occasionally rest your eyes? A podcast or two can help with that and the right one will keep you from nodding off to sleep.

logos for More Perfect and Sword and ScaleIf you’re new to legal podcasts or podcasts generally this list is a small sampling of what’s out there for your ears to devour and it ranges from hard-hitting legal journalism to pop culture-laden banter with legal minded goofballs. Check them out and explore other podcasts; like them by clicking on the links or find them in your favorite podcatcher!

Parental Disclaimer: Some material may be inappropriate for children. Parental supervision is advised.

Above The Law:

Above the law offers a “stable” of podcasts with different hosts and topics such as Why You Really Should Join A Bar Association… , Mastering On-Campus Interviewing and Above the Law Goes To The Movies. These “casts” offer a younger, energetic and decidedly uncensored take on legal stories and the legal world.

The Daily with Michael Barbaro:

Though technically a news podcast, host and New York Times journalist Michael Barbaro frequently investigates and interviews around the latest legal issues in the news cycles and on our minds

More Perfect:

Radiolab co-creator Jad Abumrad combines historical narratives, intimate interview and enthralling sound design to explore the history and evolution of the Supreme Court.

Slow Burn:

Host Leon Neyfakh “excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history—and finds surprising parallels to the present”. In Season 2, the podcast explores the Clinton impeachment scandal; check out episode one, “Deal or No Deal” and see if you can resist the allure of Neyfakh’s pacing and dulcet tones.

Stay Tuned with Preet:

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara synthesizes the legal and social news of the moment through headlines, listener questions, interviews with special guests (like David Cole of the ACLU) and discussions of his experiences at the Justice Department.

Sword and Scale:

A deep dark True Crime podcast. More excellent sound design here as journalists tell the story of true crimes and how they make their way through the justice system.


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