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You may have experienced some difficulty accessing when not at the library. There is a reason for this: our institutional subscription only allows for access while on the campus. When off campus, there is no access. However, Law360 articles are accessible via Lexis Advance. Best practice would be to read Law360 news articles on Lexis Advance. If you prefer, you will need to make sure you are on the UH campus for access rights.

UPDATE (Sep. 26, 2017)

Whether ON or OFF campus, this is how you access the Law360 archive via Lexis Advance:

1)    Start typing Law360 into the search bar and choose Law360 Legal News as your source:


2)    Enter your search term(s) – these can be natural language, Boolean, article name, author, whatever:

3)    Now you have results, all from Law360, with your search term(s):


NOTE: Clicking the Law360 Module from the Lexis Advance Home Screen simply re-routes you to (see screenshot below).  I am guessing this is what you mean when you say Lexis Advance kicked you over to

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