Save Paper! Print Just the Pages You Need From that PDF

There has been some concern raised about not being able to print certain pages of a PDF with the library’s new wireless print service. We have a fairly easy workaround that will resolve this problem.

How to Print Selected Pages of a PDF:

  1. Open the PDF in Chrome (right-click on the PDF in File Explorer and select Open With… Google Chrome). [Note: You need Google Chrome installed for this to work]
  2. Click the printer icon on the toolbar below (see fig. 1).

    fig. 1
  3. On the print dialog that comes up, change the destination to “Save as PDF”.
  4. Change the pages radio button from all to the button next to the text field (see fig. 2). Proceed to enter into the text box the pages that you wish to assemble into a new document. You can do so by entering single pages(1,2,5,6), ranges(1-5), or a combination thereof.

    fig. 2
  5. Click Save and choose a location and filename for the new document.
  6. Insert and print this newly-saved PDF into the print server as usual.

Why Take Notes in Lectures?

By Roberta WoodsReference and Instructional Services Librarian

Intending to help new students in law school, a new
LibGuide on the Law Library site offers brief explanations about five note taking methods or systems that have some track record when it comes to learning, which takes up the other part of the LibGuide. There is evidence to support note taking in lectures. Students have a 50% chance of recalling noted information on a test. Non-noted information gives the student only a 15% chance of recalling the information on a test (Aiken, Thomas, Shennum, 1975).

Did you ever wonder about what the professor said that you didn’t note? Are omissions important or are they of no consequence? In the “Omissions in Notes,” several clues are listed about what you’re not including in your notes.

Each note taking method has a best use depending on the circumstance. You are welcome and encouraged to use them all.

Any system is better than none. Think on paper.